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    Half Baked
    Half Past Dead
    Halloween Series
    Hamlet Movies
    Handsome Siblings
    Hand, The - 1981
    Hanging Garden, The
    Hanging Up
    Hannah and Her Sisters
    Hannibal Series
    Hansel & Gretel - 2002
    Happily Ever After
    Happiness - 1998
    Happy Accidents
    Happy Campers
    Happy Gilmore
    Happy, Texas
    Happy Together
    Hardball - 2001
    Hard Boiled
    Hard Core Logo
    Hard Day's Night, A
    Hard Eight
    Hard Luck
    Hard Rain
    Harold and Maude
    Harrison's Flowers
    Harry and Tonto
    Harry Potter Series
    Harsh Times
    Hart's War
    Harvard Man
    Haunted and the Hunted, The
    Haunted Mansion, The - 2003
    Haunting of Morella, The
    Haunting, The - 1963
    Haunting, The - 1999
    Having a Wonderful Crime
    Hav Plenty
    Head Above Water
    Head of State
    Head Over Heels
    Hearts in Atlantis
    Heaven - 1987
    Heaven - 1998
    Heaven and Earth
    Heaven and Hell
    Heavenly Creatures
    Heaven or Vegas
    Heavy Metal
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    He Got Game
    Heist - 2001
    Held Up
    Hell Comes to Frogtown
    Hello, Dolly
    Hellraiser Series
    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
    Henry Fool
    Henry V - 1989
    Hercules - 1997
    Here on Earth
    Hero - 1997
    Hero - 2002
    Heroes Among Heroes
    He's a Hero, He's a Legend
    He Walked By Night
    Hidden Agenda
    Hidden Fortress, The
    Hidden, The
    Hide and Seek
    Hideous Kinky
    High and Low
    High Art
    High Crimes
    Higher Learning
    High Fidelity
    High Heels and Low Lifes
    Highlander Series
    High Noon
    High Society - 1956
    Highway Hitcher
    Highwayman, The
    Hilary and Jackie
    Hill, The
    Hi-Lo Country, The
    His Bodyguard
    His Girl Friday
    Histories of Cinema
    Hitcher, The
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The
    Hitman's Run
    Hobbit, The
    Hocus Pocus
    Holcroft Covenant, The
    Holiday Inn
    Hollow Man, The
    Hollywood Ending
    Hollywood Homicide
    Holy Man
    Holy Smoke
    Home Alone Series
    Home for the Holidays
    Home Fries
    Hometown Legend
    Homeward Bound II
    Homme du Train, L'
    Honey - 2003
    Honeysuckle Rose
    Hoop Dreams
    Hopalong Cassidy Series
    Hope Floats
    Horse Whisperer, The
    Hostages - 1993
    Hot Chick, The
    Hotel New Hampshire
    Hotel Splendide
    Hot Spot, The
    Houdini - 1953
    Houdini - 1998
    Hound of the Baskervilles, The - 1939
    Hour of the Pig, The
    Hours, The
    House of 1000 Corpses
    House of Dark Shadows
    House of Flying Daggers
    House of Games
    House of Mirth, The
    House of Sand and Fog
    House of the Damned - 1996
    House of the Dead
    House of the Spirits, The
    House of Wax - 2005
    House of Yes, The
    House on Haunted Hill - 1958
    House on Haunted Hill - 1999
    Howards End
    Howard the Duck
    How Green Was My Valley
    How High
    Howling, The
    Howl's Moving Castle
    How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    How the West Was Won
    How to Deal
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    Hudson Hawk
    Huit femmes
    Hulk, The
    Human Bomb
    Human Nature
    Human Stain, The
    Human Traffic
    Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
    Hunger, The
    Hungry Bachelors Club, The
    Hunley, The
    Hunted, The - 1995
    Hunted, The - 1998
    Hunted, The - 2003
    Hunter, The - 1980
    Hunt for Red October, The
    Hunting of the Snark, The
    Hurricane Streets
    Hurricane, The - 1937
    Hurricane, The - 1999
    Hurry Up or I'll Be 30
    Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte
    Hustler, The

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