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    Nailed - 2001
    Naked and the Dead, The
    Naked City - Justice with a Bullet
    Naked Gun, The
    Naked Kiss, The
    Naked Lunch
    Naked Man, The
    Naked Spur, The
    Naked Street, The
    Name of the Rose, The
    Napoleon - 1996
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Narrow Margin
    National Lampoon's Vacation Series
    National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
    National Security
    National Treasure - 2004
    Natural Born Killers
    Natural, The
    Navy SEALs
    Near Dark
    Necessary Roughness
    Ned Kelly - 2003
    Negotiator, The
    Nephew, The
    Net, The
    Never 2 Big
    Never Been Kissed
    Neverending Story, The
    Never on Sunday
    Never Say Never Again
    New Adventures of Pinocchio, The
    New Best Friend
    New Blood
    New Game of Death, The
    New Guy, The
    New Jack City
    New Jersey Chronicles
    New Rose Hotel
    Newton Boys, The
    New Waterford Girl
    New Women, The
    New World, The
    New York Minute
    New York, New York
    Next Best Thing, The
    Next Friday
    Next Stop, Greenwich Village
    Next Stop Wonderland
    Niagara, Niagara
    Nicholas Nickleby - 2002
    Nick Knight
    Night and the Moment, The
    Night at the Golden Eagle
    Night at the Opera, A
    Night at the Roxbury, A
    Night Caller, The
    Night Flier
    Nightmare Before Christmas, The
    Nightmare on Elm Street Series
    Night of Dark Shadows
    Night of the Hunter, The
    Night of the Living Dead
    Nights of Cabiria, The
    Night, The
    Night Train to Munich
    Night Visitor, The
    Nil by Mouth
    Nine Months
    Ninth Gate, The
    Noah's Ark
    Nobody's Fool
    No Laughing Matter
    No Man's Land
    No Mercy
    No Retreat, No Surrender
    North by Northwest
    No Such Thing
    Not a Girl
    Notebook, The
    Notorious C.H.O.
    Notti di Cabiria, Le
    Notting Hill
    No Turning Back
    Now and Then
    No Way Out - 1987
    Nugget, The
    Nun's Story, The
    Nurse Betty
    Nutcracker, The
    Nutty Professor Series
    Nutty Professor, The - 1963

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